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True North provides a safe environment where at risk youth and their families come for training in life skills and spiritual awareness in an equine setting. This includes, but is not limited to, children who struggle with depression, autism, foster/adopted, ADD, ADHD, self-harm, bullied, addiction, sexual abuse, incarcerated parents, eating disorders, truancy, and other similar society issues. We instruct our students through an eight-week program covering the following character qualities: relationship building; teamwork and leadership; respect; patience, perseverance and strength; focus; communication; critical thinking, decision making, discernment, and conflict resolution; and trust. Byproducts of these character qualities are values such as honesty, gaining control, confidence, empathy, compassion, love, gratitude, forgiveness, grace, humility, contentment and care. Individual lessons plans are uniquely designed based on the needs of each young person. Each lesson is planned to connect the horse and student. It is our desire to bring hope to those in need. Grooming is involved in every lesson at the beginning and end of each session. Grooming builds a connection, teaches kindness, care, love and compassion. Grooming a horse before a lesson allows you to remove dirt and debris that might cause irritations to the horse. It also allows you to check for changes in the horse – to check for any swelling, bumps or cuts. Hoof care is part of the grooming process. It is always critical to clean out your horses’ hooves to make sure there are no foreign objects embedded in the hoof. Additionally, it is critical to check for tender spots in the hoof. Grooming at the end of a lesson is a way to thank the horse, and a way to massage sore muscles or tender spots. Every lesson is safety conscious. Every lesson will have a goal and the question why do we do this will be answered. Every lesson will repeat the concept from the previous lesson and continue to build on that foundation. Our goal is to connect the horse and the student to life concepts and spiritual insights.
To bring kindness, compassion and grace to those around us. To love others as Jesus loves us. We seek to love our neighbor and let His light shine through us.
Vision To provide a safe and positive experience for children and families to learn about God's saving grace, the hope of Jesus Christ and the love of one another in an authentic equine environment
Statement of Faith
True North Training Stables is a faith-based organization. Although the ministry is not associated with any particular denomination, the foundation of our belief comes from the Christian values found in God's Word. The Founders and Directors believe in a Sovereign God and the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ. It is our greatest desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith through action. Faith at the Stables is demonstrated through "living examples" to those with whom we work. It is our highest honor to serve children and families of all backgrounds with the same loving grace that has so freely been given to us.
10 December
Auction photographs: Poor children’s smile
08:00 - 16:00 Vallejo, California
1 December
50/50 Raffle
00:00 - 23:59 Detroit, Michigan
9 December
12–12–12 for victims of Hurricane Sandy
08:00 - 16:00 Cincinnati, Ohio

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